Grounded in the world of fine art and international discovery, Brooklyn-based studio Callidus Guild conceives, designs and installs surfaces and wallpapers for some of the world’s most illustrious clients. Known for an elevated, one-of-a-kind aesthetic - which incorporates plasters, precious metals and handmade paints - each project is imagined from scratch and tailored to clients’ exacting directions.

In many ways, Callidus Guild functions like an old world atelier, complete with internationally trained artisans and fine artists. Yet the firm is equally adept at working with 21st century methodologies to create truly remarkable new surfaces that can anchor the most spectacular environments, be they commercial or residential.

The world-renowned studio is the vision of principal artist Yolande Milan Batteau, a trained fine artist, who brings decades of aesthetic and decorative knowledge to the studio. Internationally connected, the Brooklyn-based atelier maintains vital relationships with the creative community the world over.

Callidus Guild has created one-of-a-kind installations and wall treatments for a range of blue chip clients including Chanel, Tiffany & Co and Graff Diamonds. They have also lent their remarkable imprimatur to a number of homes throughout the world including several residences in Paris and New York.

The studio’s visual references are myriad and speak to the dynamic nature of its creations: Belgian simplicity, French decadence, African complexity, Japanese refinement, and American bravado all come into play. This cross-cultural pollination gives the studio its international flair and sense of historical awareness, something often lacking in contemporary studios.

True visual alchemists, Callidus Guild can create magnificent small scale powder rooms and grand, opulent commercial spaces. While each project is totally unique, key processes include tooling, embedding and manipulating classical materials to singular aesthetics that appear nowhere else.

Principal artist Yolande Milan Batteau is an independently exhibited fine artist who brings decades of artistic materials and methods investigation to the hand crafted, fine art quality walls, panels and wallpapers she designs and fabricates as Callidus Guild. Her Brooklyn-based atelier maintains vital dynamic relationships throughout the International creative community, and functions as a design space for clients to visit and develop projects.